Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cadillac Fairview 10k

This was my 2nd attempt of 10k test.  Weather was a bit chilly and windy, cloudy sky seems like a raining day.  The race was held at Sunny Brook, which has less rolling hills than Backs-in-Motion 10k, forget about sub 47min, looks like a even sub 48min 10k was still out of reach.

The race seems a little disorganized, I entered a parking lot which was later blocked for the race, that I couldn't leave till everyone finished the race.  The bib pick-up and onsite registration was a
chaos, which caused delay for the race start.  A mom was there fitting different size of shirt for his son... What's up with that? race start has been delayed already and there was still a long line-up! You get the size you asked for and move on! too bad the volunteer wasn't as mean as I would. 

No announcement was made about what time race would start, I just jogged around the area didn't want to go too far and miss the start.  All of a sudden runners were gathering on the timing mat, I kept on hearing these beeps and wonder why people would let their chip scanned already before we start the race?? So I placed myself behind the timing mat.  I paced myself preciously at 4:42 (sub 48 finish) to start with, it is a small race so only a few people around me soon into the first km, I was passing people then started to follow two young guys in their 20s, not for too long their pace slipped, so I passed them and a few more runners then I started running on my own.  Approaching half way turn back point, one girl passed me, I kept her in my sight, out of nowhere another girl passed me, she continued to speed up and passed previous girl, they seem to be getting further and further, getting smaller from my sight and I was running on my own again.  My mind seem to be drifted away when running alone, then my pace slipped, until I heard someone approaching running on my heels, then I picked up the pace again.  It was about 7k into the race, I had to dodge the walkers.  Afte 1k or so I dropped the guy behind me and got to see the first girl that passed me at far, I was trying to catch up but it seems she wasn't slowing down and just too far away.  Again I watched her disappeared from my sight with the final k left.  Approaching the finish line, I looked at my watch, oh my, if I don't sprint I would have had a worse record than last week in BIM10k.  I sprinted to the finish without nobody to beat or drop, feeling just numb and no excitement nor any accomplishment.  My watch clocked 49:10, 5 seconds faster than Sunday's race.  Gun time was 49:15, later I found out they did not time the chiptime, no wonder bunch of runners stood on the timing mat at the start didn't matter.

As my car was parked in the blocked route, I had to wait till the race officially finish so they re-open the road.  I went to see the printed results, it was shocking that the 10k winner was a female who did
around 28 minutes!!! and the male winner was around 33 minutes.  I was puzzled as this is an out and back course, I saw the front pack turned back but I certainly didn't see any solo female and male leaders going at that blistering pace.  If a female won the race with 28min 10k I am sure she's a world class athlete and probably broke the world female 10k record!!! during the award presentation, the female winner didn't show up.  As for the male winner, the guy quickly went up took the prize and left, I didn't remember seeing that guy in the front pack! 2 days later, I checked sportstats again, it turned out those two "winners" were 5k runners, which started 5mins after the 10k.  So the
lady ran a 23min 5k and the guy ran a 28min 5k, but he took the 10k winner prize!!! that was cheating!! I hope the organization have corrected this and awarded the real winners.

This is my 2nd disappointing 10k race, my fitness level is just at able to reach my goal time.  Sporting life 10k was officially out of my race calendar.


  • Start delay
  • Parking, race kit pick-up was confusing
  • No water stations! Couple volunteers were handing out bottle water around half way, that doesn't help, I didn't want to stop and open a bottle water during a race.
  • 10k awards were all wrong
  • Lots and lots of great food for lunch - chicken, salad, cookies, fruits
  • Friendly family atmosphere but weather wasn't co-operative
  • Nice NB tech tshirt for a 30 bucks race

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