Sunday, April 18, 2010

Backs in Motion 10k

I scheduled two small 10k races to help me to decide if I am going to do sporting life 10k.  I have a goal in sporting life 10k - if I am going to do it, I have to run a sub 45min, in order to achieve that, I believe I need to run a sub 47min 10k on a flat course.

This race was so close to home, weather was nice.  Everything was a nice start, except I set the wrong goal for the wrong course.  The timechip of this race wasn't common, actually I have never seen it before, there's wires in a square shape attached to the back of my bib.  I met up with J.L. and placed ourselves at the front of the midpack.  Quite a surprise, the midpack was running very fast, lots people passed me including JL as the race started.  It started with an uphill, I was already running at 4:36 but everyone just passed me, I had to be discipline to slow down myself or else I know I will struggle on the 2nd half.

I was expecting a lot of people didn't pace themselves properly and I would catch up a lot of them within 3k, but it appears they were really faster than me.  I caught nobody, until around 3-4k I finally saw JL, this is a sub 24min 5k pace and last year he ran a 27min 5k! (JL ran weekly back to back 10k races with a superb 46:55 finish in sporting life 3 weeks later!)

I started to pass a few runners, but one young guy and one old guy passed me as well.  Approaching the half way, first I didn't see the 4k marker then I saw a 5k marker, but Garmin is just at 4ish, then I already saw packs and packs runners coming back, I look at my time, I couldn't believe all these runners ran a sub 20min 5k split!! It really discouraged me how terrible I was doing and sub 47 is just a
long shot for me.  Finally I reached the turn-back point, volunteer said half way! I looked at Garmin, that's not right, that was only 4.6k! I told the runner next to me that was not a 5k, he said he wish it was longer instead :-)  It turns out the 5k marker I saw earlier was right on spot but it was facing the right direction!

In hoping to run a faster 2nd half (which didn't really happen), a
t 7k I passed the old guy that passed me earlier.  However, at 8k I couldn't hold the sub 5min/k pace anymore.  The last 2k I started to pick up my pace and started to see the people that started too fast in the beginning and pick them one by one, last k left I saw the young guy that passed me earlier and passed him.  Out of the trail turning back to Leslie, I started my kick passing all the people in the last 400m stretch, but I started my kick too late, still one more guy that was wearing this year's ATB shirt ahead of me, where I finished just 1s behind him when I crossed the finish line.  49:15, not happy but I figure the course was my excuse compare to a flat 10k. :-)

This was probably the worst category placing I've ever had in a race.

Overall: 52/113
Category: 16/20
Gender: 48/76
Chiptime: 49:15
Pace: 4:56

Avg Pace

me and JL at the finish line


chris mcpeake said...

Way to tough it out.
Great job!!

Fox said...

nice sprint finish XD