Thursday, December 31, 2009

McMillan Running Calculator vs. 2009 PBs

Looking back at my race results of 2009, the McMillan Running Calculator matched all my PBs down to the minute base on my marathon time.

5k PB - 23:26 in August 2009
McMillan says: 23:30
Goal: sub 23 - didn't happen...

10k PB - 48:39 in April 2009
McMillan says: 48:50
Goal: sub 50 - very satisfied result!

Half Marathon PB - 1:48:02 in September 2009
McMillan says: 1:48:39
Goal: sub 1:50 - another happy ending, I was very pleased.

All the predicted results base on my marathon PB 3:49.08 are a few seconds more than my actual PB, it seems I should have performed better in my marathon.

If I put my half marathon PB 1:48:02 then McMillan says I should run 3:47:51 for my marathon!

Look out, 2010! I am going to run faster! :-D


Boris T. said...

Felix first and foremost happy New Year and congrats on the PR's in 2009.

Best of luck in 2010 and hopefully I'll run into you out there somewhere on the race course.

Fox said...

Have fun in 2010

chris mcpeake said...

Happy new year
cya on the trails

jonovision_man said...

I've had luck with McMillan too, it's pretty decent. I think the point people miss is that it's equivalent assuming you train as completely and well for the distance. Someond doing a beginner marathon plan probably won't match up to their predicted times at shorter distances they were better prepared for.