Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Runaway Coupons

Yesterday was another day that I didn't have enough time to run, end up with a short 4k run on the way back home after work.  I suppose to be tapering for the Marathon upcoming on Sunday, not sure running an intensive short run is okay or not...  anyhow, the splits and HR were:

1k - 4:43 - 153bpm
2k - 4:33 - 167bpm
3k - 4:33 - 176bpm
4k - 4:23 - 181bpm

The good news was that it was another PR on this 4K route, it seems running at 4:3x - 4:4x isn't that uncomfortable anymore, my heart rate is lower than before! this started to happen after the STWM Marathon on Sept. 27th... The only two reasons I could think of:
1. somehow my fitness level is better after the Marathon?
2. the temperature is much colder these days.  
I don't really know what happened but I am just happy as long as I can run faster :-)

The bad news was I forgot to zip a layer on my backpack before the run, I had quite a few coupons in there, they were all gone after the run...  Including a 10 dollars off coupon from RunningRoom when I registered for ATB30k next year, good thing was it's a PDF file, I'll print it again.

I'll probably run again today and tomorrow, then take Friday and Saturday off to be ready for the Toronto Marathon.


Boris T. said...

Good luck at the marathon this weekend. I'll be switching to the half myself and will stick around and cheer on people so I might see you coming to the finish line!

Fox said...

Good luck Sunday

Felix said...

Thanks guys! hopefully tomorrow's race would be less uneventful this time.

Boris, good luck on your half tomorrow! hopefully you don't need to wait for 2 more hours to see me coming to the finish line... :-)