Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon Aftermath

I've learned quite a few things in this race, the following are the big mistakes:

1. chasing the bunny early in the race - I need a plan B when I couldn't find the bunny and being stuck with huge crowd.  I should have ran my own race, pace myself rather than wasting energy and started out too fast to chase the 3:50 bunny.  I recall while I was full of frustration during the first 2km, I thought I saw my heart rate around 200... just a few days ago I checked my Garmin history, I did had sky rocked my new maximum heart rate to 205 - result of panic + running between 3ish-4ish min/k!

2. running in a pack - since I have been a lone runner from the beginning, trainning, running by myself almost all the time, my experience of running in a pack was very limited.  I was constantly changing my pace during the first 5-10k due to the people that were between me and the bunny.  I didn't want to be too far behind the bunny but it frustrated me that there were half marathon runners got in the way and couldn't keep up the same pace.  I am not sure how to avoid this in the future with lots of runners... Again, I should stop fighting for a spot and just run my own race.

3.  hydration - It appears on humid day I probably lose too much salt or something, my calves started to cramp.  This is the 3rd time this happened in a humid day with distance beyond 21k.  I probably just need to take more Gatorade at water station or a veteran runner told me that I can try salt tablets.

A quick rundown of my running after the Marathon:

  • Monday - wanted to rest but it was raining in the morning so I didn't bike to the bus stop, ended up I had to run 2.33km back home.  Every part of my legs still hurts especially my calves and quads, average at 6:22m/k with 141bpm.
  • Tuesday - rest, cavles, knees, quads were all still aching.
  • Wednesday - I felt about 85% recovered, at the end of the day it was the right calf still aches.
  • Thursday - Took 2 days off to take my kids to Niagara Falls, I ran around the falls for 4k at night with breaks of taking photos of the falls (really enjoyed the night view of the fall and the solitude).  Average at 5:28m/k with 139bpm.
  • Friday - Headed off to Marine land and drove back home after.  It was a raining day and the traffic was just horrible, took me almost 4 hours from St. Catheriine back to Thornhill! that made me much more exhausted than running a Marathon... I hate driving around GTA!
  • Saturday - rest day, recovering from traffic jam :-)
  • Sunday - Went out for a 33k run, average at 5:52m/k with 156bpm, felt great although legs were a bit tired after 29k.
  • Monday - rest, legs were tired from the 33k run.
  • Tuesday - Legs felt 100% fresh, ran the first fast short run after the marathon.  4k average 4:42m/k with 166bpm.  Splits:  4:54, 4:47, 4:40, 4:30.  My fastest time on this 4k route ever with a backpack after work!  It was a hard run but I didn't feel that exhausted! this is totally weird I don't know what happened.
I know I am probably doing a lot of silly things not following the books, I am just learning more and testing out my body.  Let's see what happens on Oct. 18th at Toronto Full. :-)


jonovision_man said...

You'd be scary fast if you followed a training plan!!! LOL. :)
I've run into bunny trouble before too... some bunnies aren't good to follow, they're too fast/slow/inconsistent. Run your own race, you'll do fine!

Fox said...

Run with your virtual partner on garmin.

chris mcpeake said...

Ignore the bunny. Run your own race and you will be fine. congrats on your marathon

jonovision_man said...

All set for this weekend? Good luck at Goodlife!

Felix said...

Thanks Chris and Jon, I will try again this Sunday Oct. 18th in Toronto Marathon. Just hope my legs will cooperate this time. :-)