Friday, September 25, 2009

Awakening before Waterfront Marathon

What a dead blog I got... I haven't been able to catch up on updating my recent races.

a quick flashback for the past 2 months:

AUG 08 - Albion Hills Enduro - 1:11:40.6 overall: 112/263 category: 38/59
I felt I gave it all, but result is nothing to be excited about.

AUG 23 - Bill Harper 5k - 23:26
cursed by the course and time, exactly the same time down to seconds as last year, quite disappointed.

SEP 07 - Labour Day Oakville Half Marathon - 1:48.02
a perfect race with negative split, reached my sub 1:50 goal with fuel left in me!

SEP 12 - Horseshoe Resort Enduro - 1:33.12.6 overall: 54/164 category: 15/31
took easy on this last race of 5peaks series, surprised to came out above average in category placing!

The Scotia Waterfront Marathon is in 2 days, it will be my 2nd marathon, first Marathon of this year. This is a redemption for the sub 4 hours goal I failed last year. I am going to follow the 3:50 pace bunny and see how I feel, I am going to treat this as a training run as it turns out I always do better when I don't take it as a "race".


Boris T. said...

Good luck tomorrow, see you there!

Fox said...

I'm still waiting for my GY face picture from Bill Harper @@
what's taking them so long