Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garmin Forerunner 305

Aug, 2009

Finally I bought a garmin forerunner 305 It is on sale in costco for 179 in store and 184 online.  I wanted this toy since about. a year ago after I broke the crappy nike sportband+ within 3 months! this cool gadget is around 160 on amazon.com unfortunately I am not going to USA this year and amazon.com doesn't ship this to canada... K.W. told me about this amazing deal.  Two of my friends also bought it after I told them about this.

This little thing doesn't just track your pace/distance accurately but it has so many features and training programs built-in.  So far my two complaints are that the software doesn't support linux and the buttons on the side needs to press a bit harder than I expected.

March, 2010

After using this watch for 7 months, I don't have much complaints beside the side rubber buttons are wearing out, I had to put some transparent adhesive on top of the buttons to protect it.  The garmin connect  website they provide is an excellent tool that I am able to analysis my progress of training and also greatly helped during races.

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