Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mercedes-Benz 10K 2009

10K after 5Peaks Enduro - receipt for injury?
This was an unplanned race as I only found out about it around 1 month ago. At the time I had already registered the 5peaks series, I was debating with myself if this was a good idea to do a back-to-back race, both distances were short, not too taxing. Knowing this race might not be an annual event, I couldn't resist the temption of collecting the unique Mercedez medal, I signed up before the early bird deadline. Injury free or medal? I picked medal.

To the start line
Sunday morning started out around 10 degrees, it was nice and cool for a race. I didn't feel the any damage from the Chicopee race while I jogged to the start line. There were a lot of people, the corral divided into 30 - 39 and 40 - 49 sections and a lot of people after. Although I didn't plan to kill myself as I just had a trail race the day before, but on the back of my mind I wanted to register a sub 50min 10k on if possible. I placed myself on the back of the 40-49 corral. There were a group of teen runners next to me, in most races a lot young runners started out too fast and faded right after 1-2k, I know I had to be discipline not following their pace and only shoot at a 5min/k pace to start with.

As I placed myself on the back of 40-49min corral and planned on going out with 5:00min/k pace I didn't expect to pass people on the 1st km. Interesting thing was that the group of teen runners next to me didn't start out fast at all, actually they were going too slow, after about 2min I had to take of and I kept on passing a lot of people, I was sure I wasn't going out too fast at all.. I was just surprised how come these people placed themselves in this corral and went out so slow. When I hit 1k marker it was 4:50, a bit faster than I expected but it was flat and a bit of downhill so I didn't worry too much I just had to slow down a little bit and move on. 2-4k, breathing was totally fine, I was happy that I kept on going at consistent 4:55 pace and for the first time running a sub 5 min pace I don't feel like going into an oxygen debt like I use to, but my legs were sore and heavy, perhaps this was the after effect from 5peaks race the day before, I told myself this just temporary and hoping my legs would get fresh (or numb...) after couple more. Towards to the 5k marker it was a downhill, I took the advantage of gravity, speed up to 4:49. At 5k marker, but there were 2-3 runners passed me.. I was planning on doing a negative split with faster 2nd half, but apparently
they were doing a faster negative split than me.

There were no pack of runners were doing the same pace as me, I find myself running alone most of the time or on occasion running with another runner or two, but they seem to be faded away one by one. I didn't think I was going faster but the soreness of my legs were gone, I felt I was running with moderate effort and I simply enjoy the view of Lakeshore in Oakville, there are lots big trees along the lake in Oakville. I didn't want to try faster as I was afraid this under control feeling is just a temporary illusion.. my legs might get a cramp like the mid summer night 30k in 2008... Lucky none of those disaster happened, although I was unable to catch up those ppl passed me at 5k (I couldn't even see them anymore after 7k) but I was passing other runners one by one with a slightly faster pace than the first half.

In the past I always change my stride too late in the game, after every finishing kick I find myself had more left in me. This was because I alway relying on seeing the finish line before switch my speed. This time I decided I am going to change the pace base by time. So far I have been running at 4:5x pace consistently, after 2min passed 9k, do I have enough left to sprint the rest of around 600m? sure, shouldn't be
a problem. When my watch shows 46:00, I picked up my pace, started to pass more runners. Soon I reached Appleby college, I know it was only around 200m left to the finish line, I started sprinting! passing packs of runners, as I turned into the entrance of the college towards to the finish line I was going all out speed, 3-4 runners saw me passing, looking surprised, I loved their look... I am an average or maybe below average distance runner but the last 200m I would try outrun everyone in front of me :-) Just as I was so happy running to the finish line, there was one runner in front of me... This was the lady who passed me at 5k! Noooo! please don't get into my finish line photo! she finished 1s in front of me looking effortless... obviously I couldn't match her speed between 5k-9.9k :-( I only wish the finish line was 25m further...

Self Evaluation
Overall I was happy with my performance, I didn't repeat flaws I have made in the past.
- did not stop at water station, stopping at water station always made me stop and walk, wasting precious 1 minute in every station.
- finally done a race with some sort of negative split!
- started finishing kick in better timing than the past, maybe could even done it 5 or 10s earlier
- It was a such perfect race for myself until the very last 1s, I ran all out right behind someone looking effortless in the finish photos :-)

48:39 - better than the previous unofficial record 49:55
Although this is not a record that I can brag about, but I was proud of myself that this race was done after chcopee enduro, it was done with moderate effort and did not hurt.

1.0 04:50.86 04:50.86 04:50.86 166 04:50.86
2.0 04:55.22 04:55.22 04:53.04 176 09:46.08
3.0 04:55.10 04:55.10 04:53.73 177 14:41.18
4.0 04:55.23 04:55.23 04:54.10 177 19:36.41
5.0 04:49.90 04:49.90 04:53.26 176 24:26.31
6.0 04:53.00 04:53.00 04:53.22 176 29:19.31
7.0 04:53.39 04:53.39 04:53.24 178 34:12.70
8.0 05:01.22 05:01.22 04:54.24 175 39:13.92
9.0 04:53.56 04:53.56 04:54.16 177 44:07.48
10.0 04:32.22 04:32.22 04:51.97 178 48:39.70

Felix WU Thornhill 935 49:01.9 48:39.7 4:55 Men 30 - 34 13/33 134/363

What did I get in the race kit? lots of good stuff
- a cool new balance black tech shirt
- pair of new balance socks
- box of gum (30x+)
- the 2nd quality finisher medal I got so far next to the Toronto Marathon medal
There were something else I couldn't remember, but it was a super deal for $40 registration fee!


chris mcpeake said...

great race report
good job, love the blog

jonovision_man said...

Ummm.. hellloooo... Durham Forest Race report!? Where is it! Your public awaits! :)