Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Harry's Spring Run-Off 8k - end of my PB streak

I am just way too slow in blogging the flashback of past races and my running journeys. I am going to have to blog this first since I really disappointed myself.

The reason I signed up for this 8k is a test run to see how well I can do in a 8k this year, since the corp relay of Mississauga Marathon is coming up in May, each of us will be doing a 8k and the last anchor runner will be doing 10.2k. Last year while I was still new to running, under the pressure of our fastest guy doing the leg before me (he did his 8k around 29 minutes!) I pushed myself to the limit did it in 39ish minutes and kept our lead in corp relay, although we didn't win but that is another story for me to blog later. After that relay it gave me a lot of confidence, I did Alfie Shrubb Classic 8k 2008 in 38:57. The goal of this race was to beat that time.

The weather started cold, I thought it was going to rain but it didn't, it was crazy windy and the temperature was around 2 - 3 degrees in the morning. Probably under dressed, I felt really cold and was shivering at the start line, much worse than the Chilly Half back on March 1st. First 2k went just fine, average a 4:35 pace, which is a little faster than the 4:45 I planned, probably because I charged on the downhill at 2k. On 3kI slowed down to 4:58 on 3k. Around 4k I stopped at water station and took two cups as I thought I could recharge myself after the uphill, but I didn't really feel the need of hydration and nor felt better after, soon I realized I spent 5:27 for that km... I had to catch up for the time I lost, while anxiously catching up the time I missed the 5k marker, so I wasn't sure what my 5k split was. For the last 2k I couldn't hold up the sub 5 min pace anymore, the last steep hill added extra 10 seconds, although I managed to sprint the last few hundred meters to pass some people but my lung was out of air.

For some reason I thought I saw the gun time was 39:1x (probably getting dizzy after the hill...), so I thought my chip time should be similar to last year but I was wrong, it turns out the official chip time was 39:30 until I checked on the website. I was being stupid not setting the watch to the mode showing the total time, I had it set to show only split time per k and my brain couldn't do addition while running out of gas!

The wind and the hilly course beat me, it was a more challenging course than Alfie 8k. Despite all these factors (or my excuses), it still probably means there's no improvement in me since last June! I understand for 2.5 months after my 2nd baby was born I couldn't keep up with running much, but since mid February I have been runing a bit more and I have been going to the track do those killer 800 repeats recently! just last weekend I did a 5k run myself in 24:14 with moderate effort, I thought it was a good sign. All these efforts gone to waste... Now I have a month till the Mississauga Marathon relay, I think I simply have to run more than 3 times a week!

1.0 04:34.60 04:34.60 04:34.60 00:04:35
2.0 04:36.37 04:36.37 04:35.49 00:09:11
3.0 04:58.44 04:58.44 04:43.14 00:14:09
4.0 05:27.61 05:27.61 04:54.26 00:19:37
6.0 09:43.23 04:51.62 04:53.38 00:29:20
7.0 05:00.26 05:00.26 04:54.36 00:34:21
8.0 05:09.36 05:09.36 04:56.23 00:39:30

339   39:50.8  4:59   39:30.1 2609 WU, FELIX   279/1042  50/186  Men 30 - 34 

I actually found myself in this picture :-)


Marlene said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I heard it was a tough race. You'll redeem yourself in Mississauga.

Boris T. said...

Don't beat yourself up over it. It's a really hilly one. Mississauga is suppose to be a lot flatter with a net downhill.

That should certainly help a bit.

jonovision_man said...

It's early in the season, and you know you're not in peak shape, so don't beat yourself up over it. You have an entire spring/summer/fall ahead to get back to where you were and beyond!

From your splits - I'm sure you know this already, but that's a big positive split! Went out too fast... hard to resist on race day, but that'll kill your time.

Shawn Fox said...

Why would that guy wear suit to join the race?

Felix said...

Shawn - it's a race sponsored by Harry Rosen, don't you cyclist dress up for race? :-)