Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mid Summer Night Run 15k 2007

Soon after I recovered from Nissan 10 mile, I was searching for race that gives out finisher's medal again, I was such a superficial medal collector, I still am :-) I found this mid summer nights run, there were 15k or 30k available, since I have done a 10 mile (16k), I signed up the 15k race without hesitation. I also signed up the Bill Harper run 5k just because the registration fee was cheap and I wanted to try a 5k race, two races were on the same weekend one after one and I was not trained for any mid distance runs, looking back I really don't know what I was thinking!

At this point I had some proper and better running shoes. I just got back from a business trip in states, I bought a New Balance 872 trail running shoe mainly for the mudrun 10k in 2008. This is a very light weight shoe and dries quickly after water got into the shoes. I ran a quite a few races in this shoe up-to-date which includes this Mid Summer Nights 15k, Bill Harper 5k and more.

Somehow I manage to dig out the "training log" from 2007 before the mid summer nights run:
Jun. 23 - 3.2k - 14:03:53
Jun. 29 - 1.6k - 6:17:22
Jul. 21 - 4.x k - 23:32:06
Aug. 06 - 3.2k - 14:56
Aug. 12 - 3.2k - 12:37
Aug. 14 - 3.2k - 12:03

Yes, I was running only less than 5k a few times before back-to-back 15k + 5k races! I can't believe how crazy I was but I am actually impressed with my pace back then, I remember I was killing myself in those runs and totally exhausted after each run.

Mid summer nights run began in the evening 6:30pm, it was on a similar route as Nissan 10 mile that goes into the Tommy Thompson park. After the 10 mile race, I had a better idea of pacing, my goal for this race was to go at a faster pace and hopefully I can be placed above average.
It is quite obvious that with the type of running I had done, to be placed above average is simply unrealistic, except I was too naive to understand that back in 2007.

This was a smaller race, way much less runners. I was going at a faster pace than Nissan 10 mile, but there were still quite a few old ladies passed me... there were a few times I was out of breath, I had to take walk breaks. I remember just less than 1k to the finish line, I took a walk break just to recover a bit, and then put a fake strong finish to sprint to the finish line.

Just right after I crossed the finish line, there was a photographer said "Hey Felix! can I take a picture of you?" I was totally shocked why the heck he would know my name? but there weren't enough air for my brain to be functional at the moment, instead of holding my medal I held up the bottle water for a silly pose, until later I got home I realized my name was clearly printed on the bib!

104 FELIX WU NORTH YORK 764 1:26:21.0 1:25:48.1 5:46 Men 30 - 39 19/31 53/85

chiptime was 1:26:21, below average again but 5:46k/m pace which is 11 seconds better than last time, though it was 1k less but I wasn't that disappointed as I felt I had improved. I was exhausted when I got home, had to get some rest just for the 5k race next morning...

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