Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Run With A Stroller

I don't know how other parents handle kids, but I find having 1 baby + 1 toddler to be the most stressful and time consuming challenge. Ever since I picked up running, I struggle to find time to train, I couldn't follow any training plan for my full marathon either. My "training" time were mostly during the commute to and back from work.

There has been a few times I saw a jogging stroller on sale in Canadian Tire, but every time it was always sold out. Around x-mas I saw this joggling stroller on sale in Toys R' Us, I bought it without hesitation, this thing is going to allow me to have more time to run! Things didn't go that well, I forgot the weather factor, my wife did not grant permission for me to take our daughter out for a run during the winter... it didn't get unpacked and assembled till today.

Finally the stupid weather seem to get warmer and today was such a perfect day to try the jogging stroller! I also put on the new camelbak I got on Friday to see how it feels. My daughter was just excited as I was! We head off to the usual 5k route that I run around our neighbourhood. Surprisingly, it wasn't much difficult to run with a stroller, you definitely couldn't swing your arms but I didn't feel it bothers me at all. For uphills it seems to consume a bit more energy to push up the stroller, but on downhills I think it kept me run faster than I would without a stroller! I checked with my daughter if she was comfortable every few minutes, during the last 2k she stopped responding, I thought she was just tired of answering her silly dad... when we finished the 5k run, it turns out she fell asleep. :-) This is great, that means I can take her out for a 2hrs long run during her nap time on warm days!



Looking forward to do this on regular basis!

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Marlene said...

Great idea! Sounds like you had a good run and your daughter must have been comfortable if it put her to sleep. :)