Friday, October 31, 2008


Why blogging?

Finally I have started writing about my running. This is after I have finished my first marathon, first half marathon and various other races.

It took me so long to start this blog because of:
- I am just too lazy, I don't think I would be updating it or writing race reports on regular basis.
- Unlike most blogs, I'll probably be writing stuff in the past rather than present.
- People may get sick of reading my posts with LOTS grammar errors.

However, if I don't record down these experiences, I may forget them soon. I hope you would enjoy my running journey as much as I do.

Running Background:

Ran 100m and 200m during elementary school and junior high, never thought I could do any race beyond a 400m lap.

Joined track team in high school but quit after a month - will post a story about this.

Between Jun., 2007 - Nov., 2007 I entered a few races, but I wasn't running on regular basis, the most I did was went out to run a 3k-6k twice the week before the race. So I don't consider myself officially started running until the beginning of this year.

Years of running: 0.916 - Since Jan, 2008
Years of running ultra: 0 - to be added (hopefully)

I run because...

- I love the feeling of sprinting to the finish line
- I believe we were created to run!
- To explore and extend my limits
- To get a closer look of our environment
- To use car as less as possible (less chance getting pissed off)
- To save $ from public transit :-)